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Our Machinery

Mixer Machine

High speed heater mixer is equipped with specially designed powder coated stainless steel blades which provides effective mixing via frictional heating at elevated temperature and rpm. An accurate temperature measurement with the help of PLC's and thermocouple gives better product quality. Material wastage and manual error is negligible as the mixer is automatic. Spring conveying and pneumatic material transferring system provides mixing operation without losing specified quantity of the recipe.


Highly efficient twin screw extruders efficiently reduce power consumption and gives superior end product quality. The extruder has a maintenance free self regulating and accurate screw temperature control system. Synchronization of drives of extruder, feeder and haul off enables operational ease, extream quality, less production wastage with optimum man power. Chromium plated highly finished die, nitrided screw and barrel, Preventive and scheduled maintenance together provides incomparable quality and finish for our product. The specially designed twin screws provide extra tough and durable pipes with high strength to weight ratio.


Double belt haul-off pulls pipe at constant speed and synchronized with extrusion. Line speed can be varied accurately with AC drives and the unit is equipped with encoding system for getting accurate cutting length adjustment as previously setted on the encoder.


Pipe cutting machine is equipped with high speed cutting tool having tungsten carbide cutting tips and plunger type cutting operation. Carbide tipped cutter gives smooth and clean cutting edges without breakage. Movements though pneumatic cylinders are synchronized with haul off speed for smooth cutting plane. Cutter carriage is fitted with four linear bearings which give accurate movement and pipe length can be adjusted on the tilting unit.